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About Flux

Flux is a digital conversation and delivery system for videos. We specialize in tour companies. Our software allows your company to take the videos you capture of each tour and convert them to the digital format everyone can use. These videos are uploaded to the cloud and distributed direct to your customers.
Our upload software ties directly into our custom sales software allowing you to take credit card payments, track sales and commissions all from the same integrated app!


Flux is leveraging cloud technology to allow you deliver your digital content to customers without an of the normal processing and manual uploading.

Our Clients


We have a simple pricings scheme based on the number of uploads and downloads of your video. It is all by usage after the initial setup fee.


$5 per upload
  • Only One Upload Required per Video
  • MP4 Conversion Include
  • Easily Track Upload Progress

Initial Setup

$650 one time
  • Includes setup of upload software.
  • Full Sales software for PC/Mac or Tablets platforms
  • Amazing Customer Support

Sell more Videos - spend less time

Take Your Vidoes to The Cloud.
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Flux is currently in development and will be ready for new customers in the summer of 2015.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to find out what we can do for you.